Awfully Chocolate- titillating chocolate supremacy

Zooming in on my inherent ice cream addiction here.

There comes a time where it must must must be combined with something so supremely luscious it should be an atrocity. A grim streak in the face of white innocence.

Yes, chocolate.

Chocolate+ice cream= Not chocolate ice cream but something heavenly in the works; so ethereal it doesn’t deserve to be given a peasant-like name.

Chocolate ice cream. I mean, pfft. It should be feathersgolddustdarkdreamslovelysofaswissbelgianbeauty. Or, something of the sort.

There are the good ones from Haagen Dazs.

There are the mediocre, overly sweet chemical concoctions from Ben and Jerry’s (may I say I believe they have lost fans from the ice cream purists, with all the bits and bobs they mix in, in their endeavours to please the entire population. Not that I complain. Some are really rather lovely).

Then, there’s the painful one. Yes, just one. Whoever hasn’t heard of Awfully Chocolate by now should go and jump into a big, beautiful pool of green acid.

And it’s painful due to its painful irresistibility. In my opinion, the best chocolate ice cream I have tried so far. I remember being introduced to it the first time the signature flavour came out (though of course, many years after 1998, when the entire brand burst into life).

HEI. This is what I love. HEI.



At $11 a pint, this is at least $4 cheaper than your typical Haagen Dazs tub. And since so little air is incorporated into this rich chocolate pack, it is absolutely worth every single cent in that figure. Chockfull of flavour in 473ml; a nice prism of luscious, frigid temptation. The thing about this is that it’s simply spoon, mouth, spoon, mouth (or fork, if you’re nice and weird that way). Out of the tub, straight to chocolate-drenched utopia. Good chocolate always has a lower melting point, and you can gauge the quality of such by how fast this melts. It doesn’t do so too rapidly, but it does so at an exquisitely even rate, with a glossy undertone to prove its golden worth.

Success comes in the form of perfect chocolate churn with at least 70% cocoa solids. A bittersweet indulgence, to say the least.


Yes, that’s straight off the Internet haha. Just look at that wonderful, ridged sphere.

No white streaks here.

Perfect or?

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