Try This Toast Combination Now

When the going gets tough, it’s easy to give up on a lot. But fret not, for you’ll have a slice of toast that will get you over that hump.

It’s the perfect little snack, or breakfast if you have a birdy appetite, like me on some days. I can attest to its pre-yoga workout effectiveness. Energy boosting, almost wholesome. Here is a slice of whole wheat toast, half slathered in tahini, maple syrup and salt, half with a generous coat of butter and marmalade. 

The second bit is a classic, the sort of thing you might fall back on at an endless breakfast buffet (or if you’re a plain old novice). I love love love butter and jam on most days, and some days it’s good old almond/peanut butter, honey and a pinch of maldon salt. Today demanded a switch in routine, and so this was born.

Directions (because the ‘Ingredients’ bit isn’t necessary, right?)

Take one slice of any sort of bread you like (preferable whole wheat, sourdough or a dark rye), and toast in your toaster. Cut in half any which way, then top half with butter and marmalade (or jam, if you don’t have any marmalade, but marmalade is still the best option!), and the other half with tahini, maple syrup, and  apinch of coarse salt (Maldon). Eat the halves separately or, for optimal pleasure, sandwich together and bite. Savour that crunch, then the nuttiness mixing with the sweet jammy middle. A tick of salt at the end. Savour, swallow, maybe repeat.

2 thoughts on “Try This Toast Combination Now

  1. random question but just wanna say hello! Great blog you have there!! As I was reading your blog posts, your amazing English was what stood out the most (besides the delicious food)!!! any tips on improving my English + books you would recommend reading/ your all time favs? 😀


    1. Oh hello there! Naww thank you; I’m no writer but I do love reading and derive inspiration from many books and websites. For books, I recommend any by authors such as Ayn Rand, Mitch Albom, J.K. Rowling, F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Beautiful and Damned is a favourite!), Emily Bronte and C.S. Lewis. For nonfiction, I’m currently really enjoying what Sunsan Sontag and Jonah Lehrer have to offer. These are just off the top of my head, but browse your local bookstore and pick up anything you fancy! Reading in general really helps, so don’t confine yourself to a few recommendations. Check out The Guardian, The Economist, New Scientist, and Brainpickings for wonderfully well-written articles both online and offline. Read read read!(:


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