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Hi! I’m Alex. 

Hailing from Singapore, currently pursuing my graduate studies, but split my time between Oxford (where I actually study) and London (where I like to go when restless). Alexcrumb is where I can share my passion for all things baking and breakfast, with a myriad of recipes that weave both simple and experimental flavours into classic themes. It’s an extension of my documenting habits; I have kept a personal diary for almost 11 years and don’t plan to stop, so I do include a few personal anecdotes here and there, or small insights I may come across. After giving in to the persuasion of friends and family, I also have a little catering business- every month I curate a selection of bakes and sell them in either Oxford or London upon request (via my email or Instagram DMs). Of course, this is also a tangible way of sharing my favourite bakes.

I did not grow up learning how to cook or bake, and couldn’t cook properly until university. However, some of my most vivid memories involve food or some sort of pastry. I remember a specific time when I was 5. A warm croissant left flakes in the creases of my palm, the smell enclosing me in a bubble of warmth in the grey Autumn sleet. I felt at home, cosy and happy, as the rain slowly became stronger and bashed down on the umbrella shielding my sister and I from the scary world. This encounter with a baked good as a toddler, as well as various other happy memories involving food, combined with the addictive buttery olfactory welcoming of a bakery, kick-started my love and passion for baking. 

I was, however, on quite the health journey as I grew older and became more acquainted with the effect of food on the mind, metabolism and energy. As much as I love food, I also understand the importance, both health-wise and environmental, on every choice we make at the supermarket. In fact, I am currently fascinated by and am investigating the role of human gut health on mental health. Through all the noise surrounding health, nutritional psychiatry and nutritional science, there is at least one thing I know for certain, though, and that is, moderation is an underrated virtue in today’s society. What’s more, cooking and baking are excellent forms of self-care, allowing you to slow down despite whatever obligations you have throughout the day. Food is a basic human need, so why not make a party out of it, every single day?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
flourless chocolate cake
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
grapefruit and mint marmalade
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Blackberry pillow pancakes



So, bread. I’ll start with the smaller picture first. What sets a crumb apart is how it has been separated from the main picture (in this context the whole loaf of bread) in its perfect and golden entirety. It’s out of left field, off the pristine sidewalk. A zoom into all angles. Detail. So a crumb, to me, celebrates the beauty of the mundane. Simple, and honest.

Are you vegan??

I thrived on the vegan lifestyle for almost 2 years, but due to my personal experience, it’s been difficult, despite my whole-hearted efforts to make it work. However, I fully respect the vegan lifestyle and I still intentionally stay away from meat, for ethical and environmental reasons.

Why do you only blog about sweet stuff?

A slice of cake is fodder for slowing down, making peace with yourself, peace with the world.

You have a small head.

That’s not a question.

Do you sell your bakes?

Yes! Check out the ORDERS tab of this blog. You can email, text (WhatsApp) or DM me for details of how much of which item you would like.

Favourite breakfast?

It would have to be near-burnt toast with butter and marmalade, or French toast. 

How do you edit your pictures?

I alternate between my iPhone and Fujifilm x100s, and edit my phone shots using the VSCO app or just the iPhone edit settings. 

What measuring system do you use?

I favour metric measurements. It is easier and more reliable to simply zero the scales and work from there, leaving it to measure the tiniest fraction of an ounce, without worrying about the ‘flatness’ of the surface of a half cup of flour.

21 thoughts on “About & FAQ

  1. I stumbled upon your blog while I was googling for Dury Lane and I was so glad I did.

    Great commentary written with such wit and personal style, accompanied with excellent pictures.

    Well done =)


  2. Alex this blog is amazing!!! 🙂
    I love cafes too and this is just the blog I needed to keep my caffeine-laden life going.
    Thanks for all the reviews and recipes.
    I’m totally following this blog.

    A fellow singaporean


    1. Hi Denyse!
      Goodness, you have no idea how much this means to me. I just read through your ‘about’ section and am majorly impressed- a definite follow on my part as well. I especially like how you live to eat and enjoy literature. I’m a science person but literature is a grounding tool, don’t you think? I also saw your post on café hopping around Arab Street, which was where I just was today! I’m absolutely in love with Artistry and am making a firm point to return soon. Thank you so much, fellow Singaporean xxx


  3. ALEX!!! i’ve been following you for so long i can’t even remember when i first started hahahhaa. I always wanted to know what kind of camera/ filters/ editing adjustments you use for your pictures because im absolute in L U V. teach me!!!!!!!


    1. Hahaha June this was such an adorable comment to receive! Thank you for sticking on this longgg and crumby journey(: I use a Fujifilm x100s and edit using VSCO on my iPhone. Sometimes I just use my iPhone and VSCO(:


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