Kuriya Dining

Quality, check.

Service, check.

The best kampachi fish head? Well so far, check.

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top: udon noodle soup and sashimi platter. The udon soup is pleasantly fragrant, tasteful (one might expect at least a small degree of blandness, but all is not lost here) and delicate on the tongue. The noodles themselves have a good hold. And that sashimi is wonderfully fresh, the ice cradling all its sea-esque glory and purity.

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You see it, I see it. Kampachi fish head. Topped off with a half portion of unagi rice. I shared the fish head with my lovely grandfather, the only other person I know who enjoys it as much as me, eyes, brain, guts, pectin, cartilage and all. You can see his hand peeking at the top there, I love him so. Thankfully, he was nice enough that night to give me the eyes. Believe me you, these small things put me on top of the world. The fish was grilled to absolute perfection, and with the radish, a little soy and wasabi, made for the king of all fish heads. There was a certain essence to the head, a certain pizzaz which I haven’t found anywhere else before. The quality flabbergasting, taste, impeccable. As for the unagi, the two fat strips sitting before me dazzled me with their top-notch shine and plumpness. One bite seemed to refute the rice, which seemed so unnecessary in the savouring of the sea-fresh, teriyaki-glazed unagi. Softly sweet, boneless, fat eel to put you on a high.

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Fresh, reliable Japanese fine dining. Yes. I repeat, that fish head.

Rating: 4.8/5

Kuriya Japanese Dining

1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City