Recipe List

Note: Most recipes dated from 2018 have vegan substitutions and sometimes gluten-free substitutions.


(vg): a vegan recipe

(gf): a gluten-free recipe

Classics and cult favourites

Alex’s classic pillow pancakes 

Biscoff oreo brownies

Whole ricotta pancakes

Soda water waffles

Best banana bread

Bagel french toast

Cinnamon roll blondies

Brownie pudding

Cream cheese-filled chocolate chip cookies

Tahini chocolate cookies

Peanut butter stuffed salted brownie cookies

The BEST snickerdoodles

Coffee and kaya yeasted doughnuts

Berry cheesecake muffins

Mini speculoos bundts

Salted caramel apple cheesecake

Red velvet cake bars

Personal Favourites

Whole ricotta pancakes

Bagel french toast

Maple syrup baked doughnuts

Biscoff oreo brownies

Cream cheese-filled chocolate chip cookies

Tahini blueberry muffins

Tahini chocolate cookies

Lemon curd muffins

White chocolate kladdkaka


Banana cardamom cinnamon rolls

Blackberry orange sweet rolls with a salted vanilla glaze

Black sesame cinnamon rolls (vg)

Chelsea date buns

Chocolate cinnamon challah

Chocolate beet cinnamon rolls (vg)

Coffee and kaya yeasted doughnuts

Fig, cinnamon and apricot whole grain loaf

Hot cross cookie butter baked doughnuts

PB&J Chocolate Coconut Babka 

Pumpkin pecan chocolate chip muffins

Salted honey espresso doughnuts

Neopolitan baked doughnuts

Nutella-stuffed matcha baked doughnuts

White chocolate caramel banana bread

Whole wheat buns 

Bars and cookies

Arlette biscuits

Biscoff oreo brownies

Chocolate coconut tiramisu bars

Chocolate coffee cookies (gf)

Chewy salted chocolate chip cookies (vg)

Chewy molasses cookies (vg, gf)

Cinnamon roll blondies

Cream cheese-filled chocolate chip cookies

Cream cheese marmalade brownies

10-minute Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Frosting

Lemon yoghurt bars

Matcha cookies (soft and chewy)

Peanut butter stuffed salted brownie cookies

Peanut butter olive oil cookies

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Pistachio fudge bars

Tahini chocolate cookies

Tahini cashew cookies

The BEST snickerdoodles

Almond butter cookies

Chewy chocolate chip cookies

Hot cross cake cookies

Cakes, bars and tarts

Apple galette

Banana cake with toffee sauce

Banana coconut mini bundts with coconut icing (one bowl)

Banana coconut mini cakes (one-bowl)

Berry cheesecake muffins

Black sesame cakelets 

Broken-up roll cake with strawberry-apple compote

Carrot cake

Chocolate Banana Mug Cake (for one)

Chocolate coffee ‘mochi’ cake

Chocolate truffle maple syrup cake

Coffee blondie muffins

Dark chocolate jam tart (with a special crust)

Double marzipan (simnel-style) cupcakes

Éclair cake

Flourless chocolate cake

Hotcake for one

Kaya avocado cakes

Kaya bundt cake with dark chocolate frosting

Kaya maple loaf cake

Lebkuchen-spiced marmalade pudding loaf cake

Lemon curd muffins

Linzer torte

Marmalade white chocolate breakfast pudding (5 minute recipe, for one)

Matcha coconut adzuki bean tart

Mini lemon bundts

Mini speculoos bundts

Mini orange layer cakes with blackberry lavender buttercream

Moist chocolate cake with salted caramel creme fraiche frosting

No-bake honey avocado tartlets

Nut butter stuffed matcha cupcakes

Pear, chocolate and banana clafoutis

Pumpkin berry cinnamon cake with a cinnamon frosting and ‘cream cheese’ glaze

Red velvet cake bars

Red bean hand pies

Rhubarb phyllo galette

Rustic grape tart

Salted caramel apple cheesecake

Semolina pear pudding cake with elderflower syrup

Spotted brown sugar peanut butter loaf cake

Strawberry cheesecake (no-bake)

Tahini espresso cheesecake pie

Tahini chocolate nut bars

Vanilla bean cheesecake (no-bake, for one) with black sesame brittle

White chocolate kladdkaka

French toast

Bagel french toast

Black sesame french toast

Eggless french toast (vg)

French toast casserole (15-min recipe)

French toast bowl

Honey Balsamic-Roasted Rhubarb Coconut French Toast

Toast and Oats

A marvellous toast combination

Banana bread oatmeal

Blueberry oat breakfast crumble

Beetroot raspberry porridge

Dark chocolate and sea salt toast

Kaya coconut oatmeal 

Rice cake molasses granola


Apple pie pillow pancakes

Banana bread pancakes

Banana oat pancakes with cashew sauce (vg)

Blackberry pillow pancakes

Chocolate chip pancakes

Chocolate orange pillow pancakes

Chocolate-stuffed pillow pancakes for one

Chocolate tiramisu pancakes 

Classic (English) pancakes

Coffee meringue pillow pancakes

Double banana pillow pancakes

Double chocolate banana pillow pancakes

Matcha banana pancakes

Mochi pancakes

Raspberry peanut butter pancakes

Rye matcha pillow pancakes

Oatmeal pancakes

Ricotta chocolate chip pillow pancakes

Soufflé Pancakes

Tahini oat pillow pancakes

Classic pillow pancakes

Whole ricotta pancakes


Black sesame waffles

Chocolate chip waffles for one

Coffee chocolate chunk yeasted waffles (overnight recipe)

Earl grey chocolate chip waffles 

Fudge brownie waffles

Pandan waffles

Soda water waffles

Yeast waffles (overnight recipe)


Apple crumble cereal

Avocado milkshake

Avocado yin yang mousse

Blueberry almond cheesecake mousse for one (raw, no bake)

Crepes (gf)

Easiest chocolate slushy

Frozen berry pudding

Goreng Pisang

Kaya mochi

Mango almond smoothie (frozen treat)

Matcha Scones

Millionaire’s Shortbread (easy!)

Pumpkin turmeric scones

Strawberry banana smoothie

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